Butterfly Room

Short Circuits provide a variety of age appropriate stimulating toys, resources and planned activities. These are used by qualified, experienced practitioners to stimulate the children’s interests and encourage imaginative exploration, investigation and experiences. The children have unique opportunities to play co-operatively, share resources, take turns, negotiate, communicate ideas and develop friendships. The learning environment in the Butterfly room is carefully planned to ensure a mixture of child-initiated and adult-led activities. Butterfly children embark on the “Letters and Sounds” framework- a nationally recognised teaching material used as a tool to promote concentration, listening and early reading skills. Meanwhile our home library scheme enables children and families to choose and borrow books freely.

Our childcare practitioners put a strong emphasis on the development of self confidence, development of individual personalities and most of all the development of independence.

Consideration is given by practitioners to any adaptations, individual resources or targeted activities to effectively and inclusively promote learning and development. These resources and activities are planned from direct observation of the children. Current interests and weekly planned activities are displayed in the Butterfly room. We understand that if the children are at ease and confident in their environment, then learning and development can take place, which is never more important than in the final year of nursery. Our Butterfly room is equipped with all the facilities youngsters need for a fun and stimulating time that will prepare them for the adventure of primary school.