Caterpillar Room

The caterpillar room place emphasis firmly on education through investigating and having fun. A combination of planned and spontaneous activities are implemented to stretch children’s abilities. Current interests and weekly planned activities are displayed in the Caterpillar room. A wide range of exciting activities are on offer: these include role-play, construction, sensory, creativity, the loft, book area, sand, water and outdoor area.

Our child friendly storage allows toddlers to select their own toys, learning activities and materials which help to build on their development in decision making and confidence. The childcare practitioners in our caterpillar room are dedicated to ensuring youngsters develop key skills to set them on the road for their pre-school years. Children love to discover and learn for themselves and child initiated play allows children to develop at their own pace. When given this opportunity, children discover, learn and begin to then take their learning to the next level.